About us

In-Depth Experience
We have nearly 15 years experience as professional equipment and engineering solutions service provider
Managed more than 600 projects across the country
Experience to ramp up in short time
Strong support from our Global partners

Ability to build long term sustainable partnerships
We create Customer Delight by delivering long-term benefits and measurable value to our Customers.
We have been successful in executing tough quality and timing requirement Projects
We maintain connection with our client thru periodical maintenance contracts

Human Resources & Effective management of Human Capital
We provide high quality of work life for our employees through motivational programs, modern work place and recreation facilities
We bring about continuous improvement with the help of training and development
Employee retention is utmost due to employee oriented HR practices

Operational Excellence
Recruitment of personnel with highly specific skill sets to meet project requirements
In-house training facilities to enhance the skills of employees
Overseas training annually program to keep our trainer and technical expert up to date with the technology
Total quality management through rigorous accuracy monitoring, turn-around time and key metrics for each process
Improve efficiency through process innovation, automation & consolidation

Financially Stable
We are a high net worth company, with positive working capital ratio to finance expansions, and stay afloat during adversities
Long term business commitments from clients ensures stability

Efficient Management
The Company complies with all the Statutory Requirements, ISO-9001, 2008 certified